Why Luna Chat

Why Luna?

Times are changing and also is our online behaviour. The amount of data held by big Tech companies is really abnormal and grows every day. More and more people start to realize that this could lead to a new form of control which we can’t oversee living at this moment.

The growth of those databases with our data can only be stopped when there is a replacement which isn’t inferior compared to the current, centralized, chat applications. We try to accomplish this by creating Luna and offer users a decent chat application from which the data is only controlled by yourself, no third party.

Why Credits Blockchain?

We have looked into many blockchain solutions and noticed that speed is really important. Because Luna doesn’t use any SQL database the speed for sending messages is really under pressure. 

The blockchain from Credits.com has the fastest block processing time at the moment we started with the application (Q2 2020). Because we’re investors in this project we already knew this, but getting confirmation of this speed thru the Luna app is really amazing! Messages are processed within a second which is really unique for a blockchain based messaging application.

Luna & Credits Blockchain

The Luna app works like a wallet which sends a transaction from wallet X to wallet Y. Attached with this transaction is the message which the sender wants to send to the receiver. This message is stored, encrypted, in the blockchain among thousands of other transactions which are processed by the Credits Blockchain every second/hours/day. 

The token from Credits is needed for sending messages. Users from Luna can send Credits tokens to their chat-address in order to use the application. It’s impossible to send messages without the Credits tokens. First time users will receive 0,2 CS for sending 20 free messages.

Why Luna charge money/tokens

This is the only way for delivering a chat application without a database which can be monitored. Other third party applications mostly use a database for sending messages. The data stored into this database creates a big profit for tech companies who sell this data or use it for their own algorithms. 

By creating a chat application on the Credits Blockchain, we don’t control any data and therefore don’t earn money when people use the application. In our opinion blockchain is here for humanity, not necessarily (financial) institutions, and by using a blockchain structure we bring blockchain to everybody with the Luna Chat application. 

Who are the users of Luna

We don’t know this exactly. We do receive a lot of input and feedback from branches which we didn’t expect; legal offices using Luna for safe communication and journalists, especially in countries where freedom of speech isn’t a first right. 

Besides business use of Luna we also receive a lot of feedback from people who are tired of third parties selling your data and who love Luna because of the decentralized structure. Perhaps Luna is too young at this moment to exactly tell who the users are. We will come back to this question in the near future.

Luna Encryption

Luna uses end-to-end encryption. The encryption used is xchacha20-poly1305. This encryption ensures that messages can only be opened and red by the sender and receiver. 

The messages sent by Luna are part of the Credits.com blockchain. This blockchain processes thousands of transactions/registrations every second. Messages from Luna are part of one big netwerk which is also used for financial transactions and other services.


Please keep in mind that time could be a dangerous variable; what can’t be hacked now, could be hacked in the future. We always advise to use your own logic while using online communication applications to communicate with others.